Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the morning after...

and so some of the lights have already come down. C's son left to visit his Dad Sunday morning so we had our Christmas Sat night. I did get biking gloves as well as a pair for wearing to work. There were other gifts but those were the two I wanted. C liked the tickets I got for her but was obviously underwhelmed with the rest of my offerings. And in all honesty they were an underwhelming collection of one night out shopping. Oh, there were a few extra treats, small things, things that didn't seem to matter. Even our upcoming trip away seemed to fall flat. I will be out of town this weekend and she wanted the tree & interior decorations down before he got back so we spent yesterday afternoon taking things down, packing them away, and I hauled them up to her attic. We caught a movie and had dinner with her Mom before I headed home. The highlight of the holiday weekend was going for a bike ride early Christmas Eve morning, then taking the dogs for a walk that afternoon while she went into work, driving up to see my folks and nieces/nephews Sun while she headed to the airport. It suddenly seemed that most of the enjoyable moments were ones we were apart. Not that we had an awful time. There were moments, but all in all there was one too many comment about the (very real) impositions of having a house guest over for a long holiday weekend and one too many moments when I wasn't saying or doing what someone who was head over heels in love would say or do. Mainly because I was busy pouting over the lack of appreciation. Which is cruel. Her only child is away for a week and while she complains about him as much as she does me I know she misses him. Still at some point... well, at some point you either lay back and enjoy looking at the lights or you take them down.

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