Monday, October 29, 2007

Lennox Sings

went to see Annie Lennox in concert tonight. always thought she had one of the two most incredible voices and her songs "Why" and "No More I Love You" are personal favorites. In a way was theraputic. Maybe I can step away from that door now.

Friday, October 26, 2007

ALS Walk

Off for the weekend to participate in an ALS walk. If you have any interest in donating please check out:


Thursday, October 25, 2007

the wheels on the bus go round and round...

I catch an express bus to work each day. The station is @ five miles from my house and I loathe traffic so it is a godsend, and a very reasonable one at that. Lately I seem to be falling asleep on the ride into town rather than reading and this morning continued that pattern. The only problem is I spent the entire nap dreaming that I was on the afternoon homeward bound bus. It took me a full minute to get my bearings when I awoke to discover I was downtown and the sun was still not up. Not the best way to start the day but it turned out to be pretty good and yes I dozed off on the ride home as well. No dreams though.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Item from a local newspaper:

A 22 year old man is recovering from a stab wound suffered early Thursday during a fight over volleyball skills, police said.

Sheriff Deputies responded to a 3 a.m. call at a mobile home park and found J. with a large stab wound to his back and arm.

One deputy said the incident was believed to have been sparked by an argument between the victim and three other men "over who was the best volleyball player."

Ok, first of all didn't all of our mothers teach us that nothing good happens on a volleyball court after 2 am? I know fans of college football and professional soccer have reputations as being a bit extreme but this is the craziest sports related story I've heard in quite a while.

Other than that, nothing going on.

Monday, October 15, 2007

post vacation

We all managed (somehow) to survive yet another family vacation in the mountains. I would like to say it is because we all put aside our invidual egos and overbearing need for attention and focused on the good qualities of my Dad's family but the truth is we all decided that it should be 3 day vacation rather than a week. Why it hadn't hit us that the key to a happy time together was to limit our exposure to each other to 72 continous hours before our 20something annual trek probably speaks volumes about our intellect, or lack therof. Actually it was good to see everyone, hadn't seen one set of aunt/uncle since last year. Got in some biking, weather was great. Stopped by C's yesterday on way home and managed to get in another ride today on local trail. Tomorrow, back to reality, montly reports should have hit my email today. Speaking of reality, there is an ALS walk in Birmingham (AL) on October 27. Should you happen across this page and wish to learn more about ALS or to donate to my sister's walking team please check out the following link.

I can't vouch for how much of any funds raised goes directly to research but hope that they use whatever amounts they receive wisely and that we can find a cure for this hellish illness.

Thanks and have a great week. I'm off to unpack and sort all the mail. (yikes)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Oct 2 (I am trying)

No one in my immediate family tells a good joke. Half of us are funny only by accident and the rest of us need a set up in order for our sarcasm to awaken. Sadly this is a one man act. I am tempted to try to find old stuff I've written and have something along the lines of "The Best of..." but that is pointless.

I feel a bit like the song "while my guitar gently weeps". The house is a mess again, not sure how but things are piling up again. My spurt of energy at work seems to have been just that and while I enjoy (most of) the weekends with C the being away from home every weekend is becoming a strain. I do not feel a part of the community, the only active part I ever played here was on weekends and I still don't feel a part of her day to day life there.

Let's see where are those old notes and scribblings....