Thursday, October 18, 2007


Item from a local newspaper:

A 22 year old man is recovering from a stab wound suffered early Thursday during a fight over volleyball skills, police said.

Sheriff Deputies responded to a 3 a.m. call at a mobile home park and found J. with a large stab wound to his back and arm.

One deputy said the incident was believed to have been sparked by an argument between the victim and three other men "over who was the best volleyball player."

Ok, first of all didn't all of our mothers teach us that nothing good happens on a volleyball court after 2 am? I know fans of college football and professional soccer have reputations as being a bit extreme but this is the craziest sports related story I've heard in quite a while.

Other than that, nothing going on.


moon said...

Oh good's a wonder though, how these idiots, continue to survive...I mean they constantly want to kill themselves over rediculous stupidity.
Here via Michele's today, have a great day!

Miss said...

Wow, volleyball has an underbelly. Who knew?

Michele sent me today. Congrats on winning the last challenge. :)

carli said...

Wow. . . I didn't know there was a place on Earth that took volleyball so seriously. . . although I think UC Irvine won the men's volleyball championship last year. And their mascot is an anteater. And that's just cool.

Here from Michele.