Monday, October 12, 2009

double feature

Ok, I love football (preferably college) but on Mon night there is only one game on and its pro. But while switching channels I discovered that "Manhattan" and "Annie Hall" are on tonight and, well has there ever been a woman more desirable than Diane Keaton? I didn't discover Woody's films until college and so never so either of the films in a theater. I'm pretty sure "Purple Rose of Cairo" is the first Allen movie that I did see on the big screen. Despite the very sad ending (hopefully didn't spoil it for you) it remains one of my favorite movies. So I'm set for a double feature and will be absolutely miserable tomorrow. But I'll think of it then, after all tomorrow is another day. : )

Friday, October 9, 2009

Home of my parents

I finally got home from work early enough one day this week,(not sure which as every day seems to blend in with the next lately), to get a bike ride in before dusk. On way to trail I dialed up folks. Got their machine, and although the prerecorded voice sounded a little different the recording was the same so assumed I was mistaken and left message. Ninety minutes later got back to car and had a voice message on cell phone. Susan (?) from same town that my parents live was calling me to let me know I had dialed her machine rather than my parents. The humrous thing is she knew their names, knew my name, and seemed to be under the impression I should know who she was. It's a very small town.

We moved there on my last day of eighth grade. I got off school bus, walked to our house where the folks were literally sitting in the cars. The joke has always been what would have happened if I had gotten there five minutes later. And off to north AL we went. I enjoyed living there, got used to having 40 acres around me, but after high school I moved on to college and then back to suburbia. My folks still live there. My sisters were both younger than I and R lived there for a few years afer marrying so she and my parents know people who I either never met or simply didn't bother to get to kow. They are polite, more open minded on many issues that the region is thought to be, mostly honest, and the type that feel that a misdialed call should be completed.