Monday, October 12, 2009

double feature

Ok, I love football (preferably college) but on Mon night there is only one game on and its pro. But while switching channels I discovered that "Manhattan" and "Annie Hall" are on tonight and, well has there ever been a woman more desirable than Diane Keaton? I didn't discover Woody's films until college and so never so either of the films in a theater. I'm pretty sure "Purple Rose of Cairo" is the first Allen movie that I did see on the big screen. Despite the very sad ending (hopefully didn't spoil it for you) it remains one of my favorite movies. So I'm set for a double feature and will be absolutely miserable tomorrow. But I'll think of it then, after all tomorrow is another day. : )

Friday, October 9, 2009

Home of my parents

I finally got home from work early enough one day this week,(not sure which as every day seems to blend in with the next lately), to get a bike ride in before dusk. On way to trail I dialed up folks. Got their machine, and although the prerecorded voice sounded a little different the recording was the same so assumed I was mistaken and left message. Ninety minutes later got back to car and had a voice message on cell phone. Susan (?) from same town that my parents live was calling me to let me know I had dialed her machine rather than my parents. The humrous thing is she knew their names, knew my name, and seemed to be under the impression I should know who she was. It's a very small town.

We moved there on my last day of eighth grade. I got off school bus, walked to our house where the folks were literally sitting in the cars. The joke has always been what would have happened if I had gotten there five minutes later. And off to north AL we went. I enjoyed living there, got used to having 40 acres around me, but after high school I moved on to college and then back to suburbia. My folks still live there. My sisters were both younger than I and R lived there for a few years afer marrying so she and my parents know people who I either never met or simply didn't bother to get to kow. They are polite, more open minded on many issues that the region is thought to be, mostly honest, and the type that feel that a misdialed call should be completed.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

goodnight sister

A week ago my sister, P, finished her four year struggle with ALS. I don't know how she maintained her level of dignity, humor, and just plain sanity throughout. Her husband, S, supported her as very few spouses would. Theirs was the definition of love and commitment. My parents are holding up well. I drove up to get them, took them to S & P's house and then back to their home afer the memorial service and then back up to their place Sun AM. I knew they'd want to see their church family but wanted to be there if it was too much for them. Silly me. That's where my sister got her strength and resolve. And her sense of love.

I'll miss you and always be thankful you were my sister and my friend.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

dream du jour

I am sharing an apartment with friend from high school although we appear to be either in college or college age. The apartment is close to a swimming pool which is located next to a small river. We're at the pool standing in line when there is a disturbance. Some officials are struggling with someone and pushing him out of the building. He is wide eyed and screaming at them in a language I can't understand. They try to explain that they must draw blood from him before he is allowed to swim but he refuses. As they pass by us he trys to twist away from them and the syringe drops by my feet. No one notices the needle and I put it in my pocket of the trenchcoat that I'm wearing. My friend and I start chatting when an even louder roar erupts from the crowd.
A submarine surfaces and right behind it is a large ship with no chance of it missing the sub. My friend tells me there is going to be a nuclear accident. We hear the impact. There is an explosion and the pool house disappears behind us just as we step out. The ship is on its side and two NASCAR cars tumble out (#99 and #86 which to me is probably an homage to Get Smart which I know more about than I do NASCAR). The cars splash into the water. My friend (who was into racing) pauses to look while I run past him. Realizes he has stopped I turn to yell for him to come on. He turns and his face has stretched like rubber. It is shocking to me but he other than that he seems okay and we run away. When we get back to the apt he rushes to the bathroom mirror to see what his face looks like. I can hear a crowd outside and glance out the window to see zombie like creatures emerging from the blaze. At this point I somehow realize that the only thing that will save me from the effect of the radiactivity is to inject myself with whatever is in the syringe. I do it without seemingly even stopping to consider giving it or sharing it with my old best friend who is naturally very animated about his face being three times its normal size and slowly sliding off his skeleton. Then I awake.

While the whole dream was silly at the time it was very colorful and when I woke my heart was racing.

That's how the day began. We'll see what tonight brings.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sister P

ALS has taken P's voice now. Spent Fri with her so S could go to work for the day. A month ago she could get a short sentence, two weeks ago she could utter a word or two. She had a rough day Thurs but a pain patch helped her and she was able to rest. S looked like he hadn't slept in quite a while. Their kids are a big help although A is at college for another week.

The folks are hoping to come down to stay with her a few days next week. If they are well.

Friday, April 17, 2009

my day...

cell phone rings and after a moment I realize it isn't the alarm but an incoming call. It is 4:45AM and the caller ID displays my parents cell phone number. I slide the phone open and hear Mom saying "K, can you hear me?" I reply yes only to hear the question again. I answer again only louder and her response is to ask the question a third time. I respond this time so loudly that I am sure my neighbors are going to be disturbed.

Mom: "I just wanted to call to apologize for inadvertantly dialing your number earlier."

Me: "Huh?. My phone didn't..."

Mom: "I had the phone open and must have mashed your button."

Me: "That's okay, the phone didn't..."

Mom: "And then the phone rang and I thought you might be calling. I just didn't want you to wake up and see that you had a missed call from me and worry".

Me: (trying to figure out if I can get back to sleep before the alarm will be going off at 5:15) "That's okay, my phone didn't..."

Mom: "Anyway, we're about to leave the emergency room and go back home."

Me: "Huh?!?!?!"

Mom: "Your father wanted me to call you ealier but I thought we'd wait until we saw if it was necessary."

Me: (wide awake) "Is he okay? Are you okay to drive back home?"

Mom: "Oh yes, it's a beautiful night. I just was trying to get your phone number from the cell phone and thought I had hit the wrong button and didn't want you to worry."

Me: (worried) "Mom, what happened?"

Mom: "Your father was in a great deal of pain and had shortness of breath but they've given him some medicine now so we're heading home. Nothing serious, the pain was in his stomach not his chest and they say he pulled a muscle. I'll talk to you later. Love you."

I did call her back just before I boarded a much earlier bus than normal to work and they had made it home. Checked back tonight and she said they had rested all day.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

movie time

"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" is on so nothing is going on.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


at some point, overnight, the trees were blooming, grass was leaping up, another generation of birds built their nest in the same spot underneath the deck. There was nothing there two weeks ago. Not a string, and now another nest. Same as it ever was.

And now that things are blooming and the trails will be full of bikers and the park full of hikers I think of you yet again. I know that before I realize it, the trees will be bare again, the birds will be absent again, like you. The silence will be painful, again. And if there are other voices, they will not carry the same lightness. But for now I'll enjoy the birds and the trees, and the hikes and the rides.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Visited P and stayed with her today. The disease is worse but her spirits are high and she has incredible patience to put up with me.

Monday, January 19, 2009

more overheard conversations

Lunch conversation: "You know what I'm saying?.... she is soooooooo....They are driving to Texas... He is soooooooooo Funny!!!.... can't believe what they did."

Scape of a chair across the floor. "What they should have done... She isn't going to do that!!!... The state..." Paper rustle, the murmur of voices converge.

Post lunch at seminar: "I don't drink that much.. does it mix with water?... two drinks and woah!!!... I kind of have to mix it up a little....and I don't get, like, that... after that I told him if he seems me like that then cut me off." (Lady slows down as she walks by in case she knows me. She doesn't)

"But what I mean is if you are going out.... I love beer!!! (much laughter) "I've figured it out now." New voice as more enter room. "We can sit there... work out their... So that is awewome!!! The thing is... He doesn't.. OMG!!!... great!!... She found out!!!! OMG.... when he... this guy.. Yeah like you don't want to.... it;s like where were you?.... (session resumes, voices fade. As quickly as my interest in the class).