Tuesday, May 5, 2009

dream du jour

I am sharing an apartment with friend from high school although we appear to be either in college or college age. The apartment is close to a swimming pool which is located next to a small river. We're at the pool standing in line when there is a disturbance. Some officials are struggling with someone and pushing him out of the building. He is wide eyed and screaming at them in a language I can't understand. They try to explain that they must draw blood from him before he is allowed to swim but he refuses. As they pass by us he trys to twist away from them and the syringe drops by my feet. No one notices the needle and I put it in my pocket of the trenchcoat that I'm wearing. My friend and I start chatting when an even louder roar erupts from the crowd.
A submarine surfaces and right behind it is a large ship with no chance of it missing the sub. My friend tells me there is going to be a nuclear accident. We hear the impact. There is an explosion and the pool house disappears behind us just as we step out. The ship is on its side and two NASCAR cars tumble out (#99 and #86 which to me is probably an homage to Get Smart which I know more about than I do NASCAR). The cars splash into the water. My friend (who was into racing) pauses to look while I run past him. Realizes he has stopped I turn to yell for him to come on. He turns and his face has stretched like rubber. It is shocking to me but he other than that he seems okay and we run away. When we get back to the apt he rushes to the bathroom mirror to see what his face looks like. I can hear a crowd outside and glance out the window to see zombie like creatures emerging from the blaze. At this point I somehow realize that the only thing that will save me from the effect of the radiactivity is to inject myself with whatever is in the syringe. I do it without seemingly even stopping to consider giving it or sharing it with my old best friend who is naturally very animated about his face being three times its normal size and slowly sliding off his skeleton. Then I awake.

While the whole dream was silly at the time it was very colorful and when I woke my heart was racing.

That's how the day began. We'll see what tonight brings.

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