Tuesday, November 25, 2008

napping on the bus

Rain. Upon the bus. Slithering down, confusing the view. Man on foot. Silent train tracks. Sushi for dinner. Life in the South.
Talk in the distance. Pointless and loud. Pine trees with no beauty except in their form. Traffic battling kudzu for what the meek were to own.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Went to stay with sister P so brother in law could go to nephew's basketball game. Enjoyed spending time with her and she was very gracious when I could not understand what she was trying to tell me. I did catch 80% of it, although only half of that on her first attempt. ALS has left her a shell of herself and now even her speech is very limited. It isn't fair. I'm old enough to realze life isn't fair but noone deserves to go through this. Least of all a young mother with a daugher in college and a 16 year old son.

I had returned to Atl afer graduating college. After one year P had decided college wasn't for her and asked if she could move in until her boyfriend graduated and they could begin their life. Somewhere along the way they split up and as soon as I met S I knew she would be interested in him. After they met they were inseparable and I was a bit concerned when they announced their engagement within a year. 21 years later they have two great kids and a bond as strong as our parents. S has been great for her, and she for him.

She smiled politely as I tried to follow what she ws trying to tell me. Mostly about relatives who had visited, her favorite TV show. I mananged to get her breathing machine on and off of her when she wanted. Her hair is going grey and is cut short now. She can move a few fingers on her left hand. Her birthday is Sat. She will be 45.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

loose leafs & hard wood

More local color this year than any that I can recall. (imagine scenic photo here)

Usually phone calls to the folks follow the same script but Dad had an interesting tale last week. He had a nightmare, either I, or one of his brothers, or my nephew (he couldn't recall but named the suspects in that order) were having a heated arguement with him. Whoever the other person was at some point they picked up a hammer and attempted to swing it at him so Dad tried to jump away from the danger. That is when he actually stumbled out of the bed and ran headfirst into the bedpost resulting in a bloodied head and small gash in his head.