Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Oct 2 (I am trying)

No one in my immediate family tells a good joke. Half of us are funny only by accident and the rest of us need a set up in order for our sarcasm to awaken. Sadly this is a one man act. I am tempted to try to find old stuff I've written and have something along the lines of "The Best of..." but that is pointless.

I feel a bit like the song "while my guitar gently weeps". The house is a mess again, not sure how but things are piling up again. My spurt of energy at work seems to have been just that and while I enjoy (most of) the weekends with C the being away from home every weekend is becoming a strain. I do not feel a part of the community, the only active part I ever played here was on weekends and I still don't feel a part of her day to day life there.

Let's see where are those old notes and scribblings....

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