Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I managed to start the year off with a ride on the trail. I'd like to think it was the constant headwind that made the pedaling back so difficult but my knees are telling me otherwise. The last two times I have been out riding or for long walks my knees have complained more than usual. With my sister's condition that terrible thought snuck into the back of my mind but truthfully it is because I have pretty much been a vegetable for the last three months.

Took the tree down and actually spent time putting things away in a more orderly fashion It was nice being able to stay home for a holiday and now at least two rooms of the house look semi-organized and clean. I even managed to toss out a few old things I'd been avoiding. Not that my pack rat days are over and I didn't even bother to consider that as a resolution for 2008. No, the thought that hit my head is that I want to canoe more. I didn't get into a boat last year.

Bowl games are upon us. That is one reason the cleaning went so slowly. I'll be having football withdrawals next week. But with the trip to the slopes planned (the first in nine years and very first time to one out west) I shouldn't have time to think of anything except dodging trees.

There is nothing any more profound about my life today than a year ago, but that doesn't matter. It will be time to reflect on the year 2008 before we know it. Enjoy it.

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