Thursday, December 13, 2007

It can't be mid Dec already again...

The youngest niece had her birthday last weekend so I am through with family/friend birthdays for the year and ready to focus on Christmas. (which yes I understand is technically another birthday) The tree is up. I didn't put one up the first year after the divorce and the whole holiday season felt, well, un-festive. Every year since, regardless of what is going on in life I make sure the tree is up. It may seem silly. I suppose I've spent all but one Christmas morning in someone else's house, my parents, my former in-laws, or relatives. Yet it is nice having the tree up here, the lights flickering, all a pointless jesture but it still feels right. The temps have been in the mid 70's until today so it doesn't feel like December yet. Life has been hectic, work, relationship, fighting some bug, nearly knocking myself out while helping rake leaves (yes I am that uncoordinated) I am Charlie Brown trying to kick that silly football that Lucy [a bit of personal irony that her name begins with an L eh?] :) will pull out from under me. My back is fine, it's the knees that are killing me.

Oh well, Deck Us All with Boston Charlie! (bonus brownie points to anyone who gets that one)

Happy Holidays Part I

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craziequeen said...

Do I get the bonus points for being innovative?
Being a boring Brit I didn't get the Boston Charlie reference, but I googled it and found the 'oh-fishul' Walt Kelly Pogo site...

Hi Keith, Michele sent me to say hello and I'll be back :-)