Thursday, November 29, 2007

Birthday, Part 44

Happy Birthday to Sister P. Hard to believe that she is 44 and even more mind blogging to believe that our youngest sister will hit the big 40 Saturday. My kid sisters shouldn't be in their 40's. They should be teens, primping in front of the mirror, or doing something to infuriate their older brother, like cheating at Monopoly. R would lose interest and P could convince her to sell her any of her property for $1 and I would get so upset that they weren't following the official rules. And yes, once upon a time I probably could recite the official rules of Monopoly. It was to me what video/computer games are to kids now.

P was diagnosed with ALS two years ago. She is fighting as well as any human can against this monster, this insanity. Not that any disease makes sense. I wish she could cheat at this.

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mckay said...

i once blogged about cheating at monopoly. i silently changed the rules so my son and i didn't have to pay any taxes. libertarian at heart, i guess.