Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

It was simple. Immediate family only this year, of course that includes all of R's gang, all P's gang, the folks, and myself. R is currently in NW AL so a bit longer drive for me. R makes the dressing and provided the house now rather than Mom. I supplied the turkey and ham rather than Dad and Uncle. There was a video game contest that evening between nieces & nephews, a short tossing of the old football with nephews and myself, and a walk around the block with Dad, Ab, Andy and an unknown golden retriever. P's condition seemed the same, although it had only been a month since our last family gathering but it was still good to see her not being worse. We laughed, Dad couldn't hear, we broke into smaller groups that revolved into yet other groups, we each spent time alone, but mostly we were the G family again. The nieces and nephews were P,R, and myself, only much more in tune with life than we were way back in the 70's. We all drive off in different directions at the end, they all have family and I have C and her family. (in a semi-sometimes sort of existence) I hate the drive back home now. It is quiet. There is no chatter among spouses, no light snoring from young children, no talk with older teens about music, life, friends, school, dreams... There is me, the radio, the car. I finally turn off of the interstate and opt for the old highway that my family used to take western, into AL when I was a preteen. It isn't the same. Not worse, not better, just not the same. I am thankful for so much this year. For time shared with family, for our laughter, for our love for each other. There is so much I am missing. Seeing my sister walk, having a reason to want to come home.

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beautifully expressed.