Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September slips in

where we find our hero with a broken toe but also the satisfaction of having now pedaled over every bit of the SCT that is located in the state. (not at one time) The foundation opened up last part of trail Labor Day weekend and I discovered where they had put all of the hills. Most of the trail is fairly level. A few arcs that carry you over a major road and a few rolling hills but nothing like what lies around mile marker 45ish. But that isn't how I broke my toe. Neither was it black and blue from the wooded hike along border of the Carolinas where I spent first half of holiday weekend with Uncle and Aunt. They had spent many summers supplying boat, condo and fuel for myself and other relatives and I realized hadn't been up there in couple of years. Fortunately they were staying at home for holiday so ran up there Fri PM, did hike, watched football, drove back home Sunday, stopping by sister P's house for brief visit and then back here where some old friends who had moved away three years ago were in town visiting. Had supper at our old favorite local Mexican restaurant. And while margarita was very good that didn't lead to toe issue either. Bike ride was Monday AM and two major hills pushed the muscles that were already complaining about effect of hike to point where they finally said No at one hill. First time I have ever had to push this bike up a hill since buying it. After ride ran up to C's for late lunch and a very brief hike to local falls. As we were leaving right foot slipped and as I braced myself toe smashed into another rock.

In other news work has been crazy for last few months but now it appears we may be losing one division so lots of questions buzzing around.

Had wonderful massage and now off to zzzzzz.

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