Sunday, April 27, 2008

What happened to April?

How did three weeks fly by since last post? You'd think I had been leading an exciting whirlwind life. Sadly that is not true. The good news is the car's problem was easily fixed and if things work out right the repair bill for gutter work on home won't be to bad either.

Oldest niece turned 18 last Friday and got letter of acceptance (finally) from school she wanted to attend. Not sure why it took so long to accept someone who scored a 1980 on SAT, a 29 on ACT, and was an all A student.

This weekend was spent recuperating from some bug that hit me early Sat morning. Felt awful most of yesterday and am finally getting appetite back now. Did manage to finish cleaning garage, blew leaves out of gutter, and got office organized so I did manage to accomplish some things. At least with the stomach bug and chills the temptation to get out on bike was easy to overcome. Weatherfolks claimed entire weekend would be wet but most rain fell overnight and only one brief sprinkle today so would have been a great biking weekend.

Absolutely nothing humorous has happened last couple of weeks. Unless you count breaking up with C, getting sick or having COO mention possibilty of company shutting down to be in any way humorous. So my new goal is to treat May 1 as my own personal New Year and blog more frequently, rediscover humor, and finally find that kayak that is out there waiting for me.


michelle said...

sometimes I feel like all my weekends are spent cleaning or running errands. congrats on your neice! 1980 on SAT!
michele sent me

Omykiss said...

I used to live near Warwick in UK. Any connection with your blog name?

Sorry about all the negatives you experienced... was it Shelley who said if winter comes can spring be far behind? I think that's supposed to be cheering ;)

Warwick Circle said...

Thanks for visiting.
Michelle- at least the basement is now clean. We'll see how long it lasts.

omykiss- Never been but have always wanted to visit. Did once live on a street named Warwick Circle though so hence the name.