Monday, April 7, 2008

pollen days and Mondays always get me down

Don't know if it was the sudden wave of naseau right before time to leave work or the fact the truck wouldn't start once I got off of bus but the day definitely took a turn downward. Actually I think it started with the tacky email I got at work from up the food chain. Anyway, was able to shift truck into neutral and slide down hill. It started and didn't die before getting home so I was able to hop in car from there and make it to blood drive.

I've mentioned fact my Dad is a mechanic before and it is the greatest of ironies that the mechanic gods decided to make sure his only son would have so much car trouble. Actually I can't really complain, okay sure I can, but realistically only once did I breakdown in heavy traffic. Rest of time has been more of a nuisance. And it isn't just one make of car. I am somehow cursed and the key to any model will soon fail to start the car. Part of it is my very unrealistic approach to all things mechanical. I am far to legalisgtic. I put gas in it, I change oil, I buy tires, therefore nothing should ever fail. A spark plug that dies is just one a lazy one and its failure to spark has nothing to do with anything real. Like I said it is very unrealistic but another car repair bill is the last bit of reality I want right now.

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k said...

Bless your heart! I have endless car trouble myself...have spent more nights than I want to count in a brokedown car on the side of a country road in FREEZING weather. But, I "deserve" it, as my car basically has to break to get serviced. YOu sound like you have it together and do it all right. I buy the expensive tires, thinking then I don't have to get them rotated, balanced, checked. I'm sorry for your bad car karma. It can be quite painful to the pocketbook!