Sunday, July 22, 2007

blah, blah, blah

Not sure why but "Rhapsody in Blue" has been running through my head for the last week. And no, nothing has happened to make me either "rhapsodoic" or blue. Finally had to break down and order a cd which I listened to on the way out of town Friday. Middle sister cancelled my visit. She was having a rough week and wanted no visitors. Did get take off early Thurs to get grass mowed. Thank God we finally got some rain.

I saw an for "Underdog" the movie. Guess they have decided to take every show from my youth and turn it into a film.

Anyway, I am tired, did a good amount of work @ C's this weekend and my knee is throbbing so on this very dull note.



Michele said...

Are you a Gershwin fan? Have you recently travelled with United Airlines, or seen their commercials? Perhaps you recently watched the Woody Allen film "Manhattan"?

If yes, to any of the above, than THAT is why "Rhapsody in Blue" is running through your head.

If not, I have no idea. But it did amuse me to offer suggestions.

Warwick Circle said...

I must confess to being more a fan of a sound rather than a composer and am naive as to who wrote exactly what. I have seen the commericals, sadly no travels lately and you reminded me that I need to watch that film again.