Monday, February 8, 2010

since last post....

Dad's back surgery seems to have gone well. He was as concerned about post surgery depression - something he dealt with after his triple bypass - as he was with any potential surgerical issues but so far so good. All the medical (and several non-medical) folks have told him that depression isn't an unusual byproduct for older men after a bypass. Something that every expert neglected to tell us before that particular surgery.

He did have a reaction to the anethesia in that it made him sick. And for the next 72 hours he would have moments where he wasn't completely clear about where he was. Or more accurately where he wasn't. Mom & I both camped out in his room the first night and we all three woke up at the same time. Mom mentioned being cold while I said the room felt warm. Dad piped up and suggested that Mom go in one guest bedroom and I go into the other one and that would solve everything. We thought he was joking at first but it quickly became clear he thought he was home. When R came to take Mom home the next evening he complained that they left without locking the basement door. He marveled the next morning that the surgeon would come by to see him and thought every nurse and hospital employee that came into the room was someone from his church & community. We were beginning to suspect the drugs might have had a permanent effect on him but by Friday he seemed to be all there. By that time my mind was mush and I could have easily been convinced I was somewhere else.

Finally got back out on the bike trail Sunday and was very dissapointed. I have been lazy since last summer and for the first time I can recall the ride never became fun. It was all work. I pedaled only half the distance I would have normally traveled and had to stop twice on the way back to rest. Made a somewhat belated New Years Resolution to hit the gym three times a week and went there tonight.

Work issue is still ongoing. In many ways I am very fortunate to have the job I do and I enjoy the work but one pesky issue arose in mid November and the owners have been slow to correct things.

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