Monday, March 31, 2008

my homework

My oldest niece will be graduating high school this spring and my sister had asked family/friends to write her a letter about lessons we had learned in life.

Dear A-

There are some very important things that I have learned in m life. First, the D in CD stands for D-i-s-c. (an inside joke). Second, if you have to go to the bathroom while waiting for a flight never, ever leave your newspaper behind. Someone will take it and then you are stuck on a two hour flight with a thief and nothing to read while you are suspended 30,000 feet above the earth. I just hope the thief isn't the pilot.

You have excelled in high school and I have no doubt that you will in college and life. I imagine a lot of others will tell you to be honest with yourself, go for yhour dreams, set goals etc... All of those are good pieces of advice.

(pause here while I search for the second page of the letter which I had laid down right next to the monitor last night but which seems to be missing now. Which is a shame because it really held some deep philosophical observations about life with gripping introspective that would help guide not only a seventeen year old but elected representatives, religious leaders, and others who can't seem to find a real job. Oh well, any real insight will have to wait until I locate it because one of the painful lessons I have learned is that once that idea has found its way out of my head and onto paper it is completely forgotten)

Anyway, in conclusion the most important thing is that you don't assume some evil hearted stranger stole your paper until you double check to make certain that it didn't simply slide underneath your seat. It will only lead to embarrassment. Especially if you have leapt atop the chair and loudly accused your fellow passengers.

I hope this helps.


Uncle K


k said...

Well, I hate you lost the philosophical part...those are always my favorite. But, a great letter, both supportive and non-judgemental.


This made me smile. Michele sent me (via the Daily Comment). :-)

Shephard said...

Excellent advice. lol
Michele sent me to say hi.

Star said...

My kids have an Uncle K. as well, and this is exactly th kind of letter he would have written them.Michele sent me.

CourtneyRyan369 said...

What a warm and kind letter to your niece! I found it very insightful regardless of the second page being missing.