Saturday, March 3, 2007

it was a beautiful day

There is a picture of me at about age four or five. You can't really see that is is me, as the shot was taken from the edge of our front yard but the blur with his nose pressed to the window of the living room is me. What you can see is the largest snow fall I have ever witnessed in my home state. And there I am trapped inside by a cold and a Mother who feared colds turning into things much worse. So my Dad and some cousins are frolicking outside while I am inside. I don't recall that day but it is similar to today. Except rather than snow it is glorious sunshine begging me to come out with my bike and hit the trail. And instead I am sitting inside, finishing up favors for others and nursing a cough/fever. My computer is ancient, the printer one frustration after another and in between hacks I can see the blue sky beckoning. Maybe tomorrow.

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